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Harry Potter: JK Rowling Explains Her Absence From Returning to Hogwarts Show

Writer J.K. Rowling explained the reasons for her notable absence from Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts, which aired earlier this year and is available on Salto.

When Back at Hogwarts aired twenty years after the release of Harry Potter, the absence caused much ink, J.K. Rowling, the writer who created this magical world and her characters.

While his communications team announced in early January that he had indeed been invited and that he had preferred to decline, the novelist did not speak publicly to explain the reasons for his absence.Today, in a podcast interviewGraham Norton作者解释了为什么他选择不参加:

Yes, I was asked to appear, but I decided I didn’t want to. I figured it was more about the movies than the books, and I wasn’t wrong. It was just a birthday.

Before that, it was unofficially acknowledged that his absence could be related to the controversy raised by the novelist, who made comments considered transphobic on the social network Twitter:

“People who have periods”. I’m sure we’ve had a word for these people before. someone help me women? We are? films?

He then explained his point of view in more detailTwitter chat,Which caused a reaction from many groups and associations for the protection of the rights of transgender people around the world. Some actors of the Harry Potter saga also distanced themselves from the novelist and condemned his words. Rowling ends the interview on the subject by comparing Graham Norton’s microphone:

“I absolutely am. Obviously some more than others, but still. I know some better than others.”

Recently, J.K. Rowling co-wrote the first two Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and the latest, Fantastic Beasts: The Dumbledore Mystery, with Steve Kloves.

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