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Sydney Sweeney says her mother’s birthday photo has become a political statement: ‘Please stop speculating’

EuphoriaStar Sidney Sweeney faced backlash online for a series of photos and videos from her mother’s 60th birthday party, which the actress posted to Instagram on Saturday.

Among the published photos of the Emmy-nominated talent is an image of an unidentified man wearing a blue shirt with a Pro-Lives Matter flag, a symbol of the pro-police counter-movement that formed in response to Black Lives Matter.

The photos, which were taken at Sweeney’s mother’s birthday party, were captioned: “There’s no better way to celebrate my mom than to have a surprise.” The actress also shared photos from the event on Instagram, complete with dancing and a rodeo-themed cake.

After the photos and videos were released on Saturday, social media users began to speculate about the politics of Sweeney and his family, and Sweeney’s stance on living blue is significant in light of the unnamed person.

“Guys, this is wild. An innocent celebration of my mom’s 60th birthday turned into an absurd political statement, which was not the intention,” he tweeted in response to criticism of his photos that tagged his name on Twitter on Saturday. “Please stop to speculate.”

In addition to the blue shirt, additional criticism emerged after social media users discovered photos taken by a member of the Sweeney family of the event showed people wearing hats that read “Make 60 Great Again”, a reference to the slogan “Make 60 Great Again”. , by Donald Trump. ” America’s Campaign. still great”

In an interview on Aug.Los Angeles TimesSweeney opened up about the influence her family had on her career as she discussed a clip of her sharing her Emmy nomination with her mother.

“I would not have been able to fulfill my dreams without the support of this decision,” he said. “I was 12, 13 years old and my mom and dad gave up everything they knew so I could follow my dreams. We lost friends, we lost our home, we lost everything in pursuit of it.”

During the height of the racial justice and Black Lives Matter protests in the summer of 2020, Sweeney took to social media to share her support for the movement, as did several Hollywood figures. “[W]I have to do better The hate in this world must end. #Black lives matter,”wrote on twitter.

黑人的寿命是一个分散的政治问题d social movement that began in 2013 after the fatal shooting of black teenager Trayvon Martin, addressing systemic racism and police brutality against black people. The Blue Lives Matter movement was formed in response to the BLM and advocates that police officers and other emergency workers be a protected class in cases where they are convicted of killing police officers.

The New York ACLU condemned the Blue Lives Matter law projects proposed by conservative politicians across the country and described them as “a profoundly inappropriate attempt to equate a voluntarily elected professional career with the immutable qualities that lead to protection under our laws. civil rights.” The civil liberties organization also said they “weaken efforts to improve police-community relations without doing anything to improve police safety.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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