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Halsey suffered food poisoning during the UK concert

歌手Halseywent through enormous difficulties before taking the stage at a festivalUKthis weekend.

THEhitmakerinwithout mewent to Stories on Instagram this Saturday (27) to share that he was very sick before his concertLeedstoEnglandFriday evening (26).

“” I have no idea how I am still alive after my set in Leeds “they wrote.“I still have terrible food poisoning! It started yesterday at 2pm and somehow I managed to get on stage (after the festival medical team was very helpful!)”.

Halseyhe also thanked his fans in England:“It felt like being on Jupiter all the time. Thank you for being so kind and letting me do anything just to survive the set! You guys would have been an unreal crowd under ANY circumstances not to mention these. Time to rest. for (presented) a) Reading (Festival) tomorrow “concluded the singer of27 years old.

Source: Terra

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