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The crisis of Brazilian cinema has an emblematic week with four stifled premieres

In the absence of blockbusters, the week’s film schedule brings the new cartoon of the “Dragon Ball” television franchise to nearly a thousand screens. It is the largest anime distribution in Brazil of all time.

Meanwhile, four national premieres have to fight for space on the busy schedule. With greater distribution, “45 do Segundo Tempo” reaches 230 screens. But they all face the lack of protection of Brazilian cinema in the market. The lack of regulation and criteria is such as to allow even a Japanese design to stifle domestic production.

Brazil has always had distribution problems, but with the Bolsonaro government the protection mechanisms are over and the launches take place in an increasingly limited circuit, preventing the possibility of commercial success. The crisis is wide open, the result of an anti-cultural policy fomented by political and ideological hatred, culminating in the president’s veto on the law that encourages the opening of new rooms and in the complicity of the mayor, who does not guide the law on quota policy. And it is there for all to see, precisely in the absence of national highlights on display.

Discover below the 10 previews of this Thursday (18/8), which also include the new film by master Zhang Yimou and other titles, which compete in arthouse cinemas with Brazilian productions that would have deserved more prominence.


Director Rafael Gomes (“Music to Die in Love”) completes a sentimental trilogy with this comedy about a young man who discovers he is the son of a famous 1970s popular singer the same day his girlfriend leaves him. The news is given by a stepbrother he did not know and with whom he will share a mission: to leave the ashes of the cheese idol with the great love of his life. But, as a womanizer, the singer has left many loves and it will not be easy to find the greatest of them.

The film features Gabriel Leone (“Dom”) in a double role, playing the singer and his son, as well as an original score by Odair José and Arnaldo Antunes, which add a lot to the plot. The cast also includes Felipe Frazão (“Todxs Nós”), Carla Salle (“Onisciente”), Maria Luísa Mendonça (“Verdades Secretas”), Lorena Comparato (“Rensga Hits!”) And Clarisse Abujamra (“Como Nossas Pais”) ., among many others.


Three high school mates meet after 40 years to recreate a photo taken on the day of the inauguration of the São Paulo metro. The meeting is, in fact, the pretext of one of them, a restaurateur with economic problems, to warn the others that he intends to commit suicide. But not before seeing Palmeiras win.

Luiz Villaça’s dark comedy (“O Contador de Histórias”) stars Tony Ramos (“Se Eu Fosse Você”), Cassio Gabus Mendes (“Justice”) and Ary França (“Samantha!”) Together to face nostalgia for a unreal past, embellished with distant memories, and a present of disenchantment for the directions of life. The three became completely different people than they were. And although one of them decided to end his story in this way, the other two began to reflect on the option of re-meaning. The result is a beautiful film that, as the title suggests, bolsters the confidence in hope until the final whistle.


The adaptation of the book of the same name by Reinaldo Moraes portrays Eriberto Leão (“Ilha de Ferro”) as a writer who has only signed one work and suffers from writer’s block. After finding a lost diary, he is thrilled with the story of the dwarf Altair and decides to write it down as if it were his own creation. It becomes the biggest hit, but it also stirs the fury of the original author, a dangerous criminal, creating unexpected consequences.

includin愚蠢的喜剧吸引了更多的关注g Luana Piovani’s first nude scene (“The Invisible Woman”) in cinema. With a different and modern look, she plays a bisexual friend of the protagonist and makes a threesome. The cast of Roberto Marquez’s feature film also highlights Maria Flor (“Little Secret”), Gabi Lopes (“The Girl Who Killed Her Parents”) and Giovanni Venturini (“Venice”) as Altair.


Director Ana Carolina returns to the cinema after eight years – she was absent from “A Primeira Missa” (2014) – with a playful premise. A Brazilian communist, a Portuguese capitalist, an Argentine fascist and a French Trotskyist meet in a bar … The allegory takes place on a remote beach where, in a theatrical way, everyone defends their ideologies on the day of the outbreak of the second war world.


The Uruguayan comedy follows an insurance company employee assigned to work in a small, remote town. Upon his arrival, several cars start appearing on fire overnight for no apparent reason and he must solve the mystery to prevent escalating insurance coverage from hindering his progression within the company. All this while he handles a crisis in his marriage.

Written and directed by Diego Fernández (“Rincón de Darwin”), it was Uruguay’s nominee for a place in the International Film category of the 2022 Oscars.


Master Zhang Yimou’s first spy film (“Hero”) is set in the 1930s and follows four Communist Party special agents who return to China after receiving training in the Soviet Union. But as they embark on their first mission, they are betrayed and find themselves surrounded by danger on all sides. The photography is stunning – customary in Yimou’s films – and has been awarded some of the film’s 19 trophies at festivals and awards in the Chinese film industry.



明星路易盖伦(“强大的”)的指导和stars in this French comedy about the parents of a sensitive child who decides to sell many of the family’s valuables to save the planet. Seeing that the boy’s determination is serious, her mother (Laetitia Casta, from “What Women Want”) decides to accompany him on her mission in Africa.


The new film by French director Cédric Klapisch (from “Albergue Español”) follows the reunion of three brothers on the family farm after their father becomes terminally ill. One of them hasn’t returned for 10 years and all he wants from the inheritance is to sell his stake and disappear. But the others want to convince him to continue the family winery.


Colombian Camilo Restrepo’s drama was awarded Best Debut Film at the 2020 Festival. The plot follows a man whose life is torn apart and haunted by a single desire: to assassinate the leader of the sect he has been a part of for many years.


The new film in the animated series pits the Saiyans against powerful androids in a storyline that can be summed up as a superhero battle. Even with the Red Ribbon army destroyed by Goku, his remains decide to carry on their mission and create the last androids Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. These two androids – who call themselves “superheroes” – decide to attack Piccolo and Gohan, starting the conflict production.

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