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The date of the premiere of the drama “Volunteer Playlist” with Ivan Yankovsky in the title role has become known



Okko has declassified the date of the premiere of the novelty with Ivan Yankovsky!系列戏剧“意志eer Playlist” based on the eponymoustruestorynovels by Artyom Lyashenko, a participant in search and rescue operations, will be shown very soon, on May 18. The series was directed by Maxim Sveshnikov.

Shooting “Volunteer” evolved just brilliant! My partners on the site are great professionals, charming, kind and good people. Everyone worked as a partner, everyone was on humor – it’s a pleasure to interact with such artists in the frame. The story in the series is not simple – the search for people and the search for yourself. My hero, Shtapich, is a character that seems to have migrated from “Vacation in September” and “Flights in a Dream and Reality” here, in our time, like the hero of Khabensky from “In Motion”, only in a slightly different setting. But it was an incredible journey! – says Ivan Yankovsky about the work on the project.

The protagonist of the series, Shtapich (Yankovsky), started a family very early and also quickly lost it, managed to put an end to his career and was out of work at the age of 25. Once in the search and rescue squad, he gets the opportunity to realize himself in a new professional environment and acquire not just friends, but like-minded people – people who are truly passionate about their work.Very quickly, Shtapich turns into the star of the squad, but success in the professional field does not bring the desired happiness. He continues to rush between his ex-wife, uninteresting to him, but ready for anything fighting girlfriends, and a girl nicknamed Doll, for whom Shtapich has strong feelings. Working in the detachment, he dreams of getting rid of old problems, addictions and complexes, but gradually realizes that feats alone are not enough for this. He has a lot of work to do…

footage from the series
footage from the series
footage from the series

Source: Hellomagazine

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