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Martin Scorsese praises Pearl, starring Mia Goth: ‘I couldn’t sleep’

Pearl is prequel to X: The Mark of Death – both starring Mia Goth

Prequel toX – The Mark of Death(2022) directed byTi West,pearlwas a public and critical success – and the film starringMia Gothwas exalted byMartin Scorseseone of the greatest filmmakers in the history ofhollywood.

During an interview with/film,Scorseseopined aboutpearlwhich premiered on February 9, 2023 in Brazilian theaters, and also featuredDavid Corenswet,Emma Jenkins-Purro,Alistair Sewell,Tandi Wright,Matthew Sunderland,Todd Ripponbetween others.

“The films ofTi Westhave a kind of energy that is so rare these days, fueled by a pure, undiluted love of cinema,” asserted the legendary director. “You feel it in every frame. a prequel toX – The Mark of Deathshot in a diametrically opposed cinematic register (think of the colorful melodramas ofscopeof the 1950s),pearlcreates a wild, mesmerizing, deeply – and I mean deeply – disturbing 102 minutes.”

West and his muse and creative partner,Mia Goth, really know how to joke with their audience… before they stick the knife in our chests and start cheering. I was delighted, then disturbed, then so restless that I found it difficult to sleep. But I couldn’t stop watching.

The greatest movies of all time, according to Martin Scorsese [LISTA]

One of the greatest directors in the history of cinema,Martin Scorseseis responsible for renowned classics such asGoodfellas(nineteen ninety),Taxi Driver – Taxi Driver(1976),the wolf of Wall Street(2013) andThe King of Comedy(1982), but none of them, in the opinion of the filmmaker himself, is on the list of best films of all time.

Even with a strong name in the industry,Scorseseis quite snubbed at the main Hollywood film award: theoscar. Currently 80 years old, the artist has only one figurine ofAcademy of Motion Picture Arts and Scienceswhat it wasBest DirectorperThe Departed(2006).

Upon request from the magazineSight And Sound列出的标志性的导演,是最好的铁ature films in history in his opinion. The first place went to the acclaimed2001 – A Space Odyssey(1968), directed byStanley Kubrick,which tends to appear at the top of such lists.

The production featured names likeKeir Dullea(david bowman),Gary Lockwood(Frank Poole),William Sylvester(Heywood Floyd),Daniel Richter(moon watcher) It isDouglas Rain(HAL 9000) in the list. Read the synopsis below:

A towering black structure provides a connection between the past and the future in this enigmatic adaptation of the author’s revered science fiction tale.Arthur C. Clarke. When theDr. dave bowmanand other astronauts are sent on a mysterious mission, their computer chips begin to behave strangely, leading to a tense confrontation between man and machine that results in a mind-boggling journey through space and time.

Second position was taken by八个半a 1963 Italian film directed byFederico Felliniand starringMarcello Mastroianni(Guido Anselmi). the polishAshes and Diamonds(1958)Andrzej Wajda, completes the podium. See the full ranking below:

  1. 2001 – A Space Odyssey(1968);
  2. 八个半(1963);
  3. Ashes and Diamonds(1958);
  4. Citizen Kane(1941);
  5. Diary of a Priest(1951);
  6. To live(1952);
  7. the leopard(1963);
  8. The word(1955);
  9. country(1946);
  10. The Little Red Shoes(1948);
  11. 神圣的river(1951);
  12. The Bandit Giuliano(1962);
  13. Trails of Hatred(1956);
  14. Tales of the Vague Moon(1953);
  15. A Body That Falls(1958).

Source: Rollingstone

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